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I wanted to send you a big thank you for helping me find the Barefoot Cheyenne Saddle for my Arab mare, Macey. Enclosed you will find pictures that help tell the story. The first picture is of her broken withers and the second from our recent completion at the River Rise Romp in December 2010. Macey is an older Arabian mare that always wanted to be a distance horse, but unfortunately I never had the time. In 2009, at 21 years young, I finally had time and we got her fit and competed in a couple of limited distance events. Coming home from a ride in December 2009, she was involved in a trailer accident and broke her withers. I was devastated. It was many months before she was even comfortable enough to roll all the way over when dust-bathing in the paddock, but every day she was better and soon was back bucking and playing in the paddock with the other horses. We gave her plenty of rest and TLC and considered her "retired." With the deformity she had we thought she would never be ride-able, although she was sound and not painful over the area, 6 months later. I have known a number of other horses that have broken withers that were able to return to work with creative saddle fitting, but spending thousands of dollars to have a professional fit a new saddle to my mare, that I wasn't even sure would be ride-able again, was not an option. Eventually, we decided to try a friend's Cheyenne saddle on her because it was treeless and seemed to accommodate her new conformation. To our pleasant surprise, it fit well and she was comfortable! We ordered a new saddle for her and slowly eased back into a few trail rides and she continued to do well. She was back to her old self and happily trotting down the trails again. We were able to train and come back to complete a 25 mile ride exactly one year after her accident. Thank you so much for helping us get this mare back in the sport! - Erin Newkirk, DVM

The attached snapshot show me with a Cheyenne saddle, a great opportunity to test a Barefoot saddle under rather extreme conditions -9-10 hours in the saddle in the African bush at all speeds in extreme terrain- that's what sold me! - Claudia, August 13, 2012

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