Horse, Riding and Trail Associations

American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC)
The official sanctioning body for endurance in the USA and Canada.

Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association (ECTRA)
One of the competitive trail riding associations founded in 1970.

North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC)
One of the competitive trail riding associations founded in 1961.

Ride and Tie Association
Two people, one horse and an exhilarating pace!

American Quarter Horse Association
All about Quarter Horses and those that own them and work them.

Arabian Horse Association
Provides many opportunities to tap into the Arabian horse lifestyle.

Back Country Horsemen of America
Dedicated to preserving the historical use of recreational stock in the back country.

American Trails
Working on behalf of America's trails.

Endurance Net
The leading online resource for endurance and distance riding.

Horse Magazines and Books

The Horse
The latest news and in-depth, veterinarian-approved articles on equine health care.

Natural Horse Magazine
Focus is on humane and natural alternatives to today's traditional means of horse care.

Natural Hoof Care

Pete Ramey's website
Continued efforts to educate others in Natural Hoof Care through clinics and his book, "Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You"

Barefoot for Soundness
Marjorie Smith's site on the barefoot horse

Iron Free Hoof
A site developed to support the barefoot horse.

Northern Virgina Equine Podiatry
Provide factual information on equine podiatry to veterinarians, farriers, and the public.

Linda Cowles - Hoofcare & information for sound barefoot performance.

Bulletin Boards

Treeless Saddles
To encourage up-to-date discussion of form, function and fit of treeless saddles.

To unite Pacific Northwest Endurance Ride's members in an informational & entertaining forum.

Barefoot Horses
To discuss the benefits and specifics related to Barefoot Horses or horses soon-to-become barefoot.

Barefoot Horse Care
Dedicated to the care and welfare of barefoot horses.

Cushing Horses
Support group for Equine Cushings/Founder in the Pacific Northwest.


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