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Barefoot Saddle Fitting and Barefoot Saddle System Information

All Barefoot Saddles are designed anatomically to follow the horse's topline, and are flexible in all dimensions - without a rigid tree . These treeless saddles adjust themselves according to the horse's back, and allow bigger strides out of the shoulder as well as lifting of the back. Columnar vertebrae, as well as withers, stay free of pressure. Additionally, under a Barefoot Saddle, the shoulder and the loin area aren't restricted.

In Here You will find Information about Barefoot Saddle system. What is VPS, Why Barefoot Saddles is called a Physiological Saddle System and Benefits of muscular development training with Barefoot Saddle and much more valuable information you may need. In fitting Information Examples we will show you with Pictures How to fit Barefoot Saddles to different type and shape Horses

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